Apr 14, 2010

Facebook Business Pages

More and more in business it is expected that you will interact with your customers/clients beyond just having a web presence. That's where social networking comes in. I'll mention all the ways you can easily do this over the coming weeks, and which ones may be right for you and your business.

A Facebook Fan page is one method you can try to promote your business and access new customers. Once you have a personal facebook page all it takes is a few easy steps to create a business page. Information on how to get set up your page and make it engaging is available via facebook.

If you already have a Facebook fan page set up you are welcome to add a link to it in the comments section below. A few more fans are guaranteed.

Peppermint magazine, pictured above. Visit Peppermint's Fan page here


  1. How exciting to have a Biz Babe Blog!!

    You know MooBear was featured in that issue of Peppermint??!! Hehe Keep your eyes open on the next one too!!

    xo Steph (aka MooBear Designs)

  2. Yah go Steph!

    Happy blogging Biz Babes

    The Wacky Wardrobe

  3. Congratulations Kellie and all at Peppermint - it's a truly fabulous magazine, am loving every page - and loving the Bizness Babes synergy - go Moobear!!!
    Chrissy :)x