Jun 9, 2010

Advice From a Babe - Feeling Unmotivated

Feeling unmotivated in your business is common. You may indeed be feeling that way right now! If not (great, but) it will more than likely happen at some point. Feeling disheartened and unmotivated can occur for many reasons. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to see the results of all your hard work, or perhaps you are simply feeling overwhelmed by all you have to do. 

Luckily one of our Bizness Babes is a motivational writer and offers us this advice. Thanks Philippa.

Living the Dream

by Philippa Vette

So you’ve started your own business and hit the wall. You don’t feel inspired, you don’t know what your next step is and your dream seems to be drifting further and further away. Welcome to the world of owning your own business! One of the most difficult aspects of keeping a new business going is staying motivated when things become difficult. However, it’s essential that you stay motivated and inspired to keep chipping away at all the aspects that are required to establish a solid foundation and set all your systems in place.

Staying Inspired

Even as a writer, I’m not inspired all the time. I wear many ‘hats’ as we all do, so when I need inspiration, one of the techniques I use is a visual diary. On the Bizness Babes course I discovered how magical a visual diary can be. It had a significant impact on the direction of my business. Just by making up a poster with pictures of all your favourite things can jog new ideas. There’s nothing more exhilarating than unearthing a fresh, new idea and the spin off from that kind of vitality is enough motivation to deal with the less attractive aspects of the business (financials – ugh!) or dealing with yet another supplier who’s taking forever to get back to you. What inspires you?

Stay Connected

It’s so inspiring to hear other people’s success stories especially if you’ve tracked their ups and downs. Stay in touch with other Bizness Babes and meet new people at every opportunity. You might be surprised where it may lead. Schedule a meeting with your course co-ordinator and draw from their expertise. Even if you turn up with no clue of what your next step should be, you’ll leave with a long To Do List and the motivation to dive right into it.

Have a Plan

Without a plan it’s hard to navigate the direction of your business. To start, it can be as simple as a To Do List but at the end of the day you’ll feel satisfied because you were productive. From there, it can be expanded to include more details and more specific goals.

Be Patient

Setting up a business seems to take longer than we foresee. Don’t assume just because something’s not happening quickly it’s a bad idea or you should quit. Keep working at it and watch your idea develop. At the end of the day, it’s far better to invest yourself in something worthwhile than to always wonder what might have been.

For more inspiration check out Philippa’s website and inspiring blog.

If you have any of your own advice regarding staying motivated we would all welcome your comments below.


  1. Wise words Philipa and so true. As a co-ordinator I see the other side and absolutely agree with getting out the visual diary to reinspire - together with a business plan of course! Thanks for sharing such sound advice.

  2. Fantastic article Philippa! I also saw a great article the other day about avoiding the mumpreneur pitfalls (I think I've fallen into all of them) that biz babes might like...


  3. Thanks Claire for the link. I thought it was a must read so I popped it into it's own blog post (above). These really are issues many of us mums with a home-based business face daily.

    Thanks Philippa! You really are an inspiration.