May 28, 2010

Guide To Wholesaling

I came across this terrific guide to selling your products wholesale, and thought I would share it with you. It was created by the Australian Design Unit.

The guide provides a thorough checklist of all the important things you need to do before approaching retailers. Plus it gives you a few helpful tips on the best ways to go about approaching them, and how to maintain a lasting commercial relationship.

The ADU guide below, covers these six important steps:

1) Know your market
2) Know your product
3) Research target retailers
4) Marketing collateral – prepare price lists, a brand overview,
photographs and samples
5) Logistics – quantities, lead times, and shipping
6) Business matters - pricing , payment terms and invoicing

ADU Guide to Wholesaling

It would be terrific to hear about your own experiences of dealing with retailers. Also feel free to ask any questions on this topic. We will all do our best to offer some advice.

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