May 16, 2010

Spotlight On Natalie Mayerhofer - Miss Dish

This is the first in an ongoing series of Bizness Babes interviews. If you would like to interviewed please contact your State BiB coordinator directly.

Tell us a little about your business?

Miss Dish jewellery and accessories are designed with a fashion forward market in mind that value products that are unique and a little bit quirky. Each piece of jewellery and accessory are handcrafted using both new and vintage fabrics, beads, crystals and buttons.

Currently Miss Dish has two collections ‘The Secret Garden’ collection made up of fabric flower accessories and ‘Petite Cheri’ collection made up of charm and vintage inspired earrings and bracelets.

Miss Dish is also currently creating a Bridal collection which includes a new range of vintage inspired birdcage veils and fascinators. Brides will have the choice of traditional whites and ivorys as well as bolder colours like red, black, gold and silver. Miss Dish is also offering Brides a new service where they have the choice to use their own bridal fabrics to incorporate into a one of a kind Miss Dish piece.

Why did you want to run your own business?

For many years I have worked in an office and felt that my heart was not really in it. I have so much passion for creating and I felt stifled by the office environment. The last straw came last October and after much deliberation I decided to resign from my job and 'follow my heart'. Another huge influence on my decision was the fact that my parents have ran a successful business for most of my life and I think that they have also played an important part in why I finally made the decision to go for it.

What have been the challenges?

For me its about organising my time efficiently. I find it ironic that when I worked in an office I was good at time management but put me out of that environment and I floundered. Bizness Babes helped me think outside of my usual ways of organising my time and experiment with new ways that worked for me. As the owner of a micro business I find it a challenge to manage the many facets. For Miss Dish that means, creating the product, writing content for my website, taking photos of the products and models, accounts etc.... it's challenging and can be overwhelming if you think about all of those things at once. My advice is to take one step at a time and it will all come together.

Where would you like to see your business go in the next year?

I'd like to see retailers actively seeking me out to purchase Miss Dish for their boutiques. I am currently developing a wholesale catalogue for interested customers. Also I am having a brand new website developed for Miss Dish. It should be ready to 'unveil' in the next 3 months.

The next five years?

Ideally I would like to have my own Miss Dish boutique. As well as being stocked in boutiques both in Australia and internationally. That would probably mean that in the future I will have employees to assist me in my goals.

What have you achieved since finishing the BiB course?

I have been so busy with Miss Dish since graduating from Business Babes and I love it. I have done a professional photo shoot with models to help create an image for Miss Dish. These photos will be used for my new website which is currently being developed to replace my current website. I have created hair accessories for a fashion show the 'Religion of Fashion' for up and coming designer 'Lady Phuncle'. I am now stocked at the Bleeding Heart Gallery and at in.cube8r on Wickham Street in the valley. I am still working on my Business Plan, which is almost complete. The biggest challenge for me is the financials. But I'm getting there. I'm proud of what I have achieved so far and I certainly include writing most! of a Business Plan as one of those achievements.

What advice has helped you most?

Trust in your instincts. Your life experience is more valuable than you may give yourself credit for.

What advice do you have to others setting up their own businesses?

Seek out like minded people. Its great to start networking with people in the same industry as you or who are starting out with their own micro business. People and their knowledge are empowering. Also look for a course that introduces you to the world of running your own micro business. For me Bizness Babes was ideal. They are warm, welcoming, and extremely knowledgeable people who are approachable and speak in plain English. I like that a lot.

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  1. Congratulations Natalie, so good to see your gorgeous creations again - love your future plans. Keep going with your business plan - it will be worth it I promise!

    Chrissy :)x

  2. These images are fantastic Natalie! Great example of why it pays to pay for photography sometimes.