Aug 11, 2010

Spotlight On Lisa Humphries - Joy and Me

Tell us a little about your  business?

Joy and me is all about event inspiration! We have had almost 20 years experience conceptualizing, planning and implementing all types of events including corporate, charity, private and conference. Joy and me brings this knowledge together in one place, our special online portal is designed to inspire! We are also available for varying levels of 1:1 event inspiration including themeing, inspiration boards, planning and execution.

Why did you want to run your own business?

I have always been a very self motivated and independent worker throughout my career, I consider myself highly organized and feel that all of my experience and skills come together nicely in my own business. I am also a new Mum, so the flexibility and time with my baby is essential.

What have been the challenges?

Finances are a challenge for me, especially as a single Mum. I do work part time as well, in order to meet my financial obligations. Otherwise I see the process of going into business as a positive challenge!

Where would you like to see your business go in the next year?

I would love to see my online space grow in terms of visitors and advertisers, I would love to see Joy and Me become one of the leading authorities on event inspiration.

The next five years?

I would love to employ a young and dynamic team of event assistants to execute the events that I continue to conceptualise.

What have you achieved since finishing the BiB course?

I have created my online space, gained much confidence, created a business plan and commenced active marketing of Joy and Me.

What advice has helped you most?

The personal support and building of my confidence has been the most valuable aspect of the course.

What advice do you have to others setting up their own businesses?

My most valuable and personal piece of advice would be to ‘be kind’ to others along the way, there is nothing more important to me as a business person and Mother than kindness.

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